Yesterday’s darkroom session revealed a couple of decent prints.

I use Rc papers for my initial assessment of prints where any that I think are worth further work are then printed using Fb papers and a change in developer. The film is Ilford fp4+ and was rated as standard 125 iso.

These were taken with medium format film on my trusty Bronica ETRSI. As I wanted to create a smooth soft feel to some of the prints I used my Hitech ten stop filter hand held in front of the Bronica which was mounted on a tripod whilst timing the exposure on the iphone.

I have cropped portrait, which is a departure from the usual landscape but I think it works here with a central view as opposed to applying the rule of thirds.

What do you think?



By the way the print wiper shown here is and excellent way to remove excess water from your prints without pulling at the paper as the scissor type wipers do. This is generally used to remove water from cars etc. with the print supported on the glass I just pull down then across. The profiled blade gathers the water then off of the galss onto a cloth to absorb the excess. The prints can then be dried on screens FB papers or hung to dry if RC.


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