I have switched from printing 120 to 35mm negatives this week as, having realised I have a quite a few cassettes rattling around in the fridge door from last years shooting with the F6, I should be printing some.

This particular printing session found me sorting through negatives from  the lake district where I captured the scenery as probably thousands of others do every year whilst always on the look out for something a little different. With that in mind I came across a couple of shots taken at the Claife viewing platform on Lake Conniston.  It was a very bright sunny day and not one conducive with photography so whilst approaching the ascent to the platform I made a mental note of the strong shadows being cast on the level immediately below the platform with a thought to exploring these shadows on my descent.

After taking in the views I grabbed the camera and dived under the platform. My first thoughts were to capture the shadows cast by people walking overhead but I soon realised those shadows didn’t really form well on the stone walls and formed a misshapen blob rather than the people shapes I had in mind.

I walked around the room to gain another perspective waiting for the moment the inspiration would come and I would see the shot. On standing looking down the wall my imagination was saying “caged”. I felt as though I was now standing in a cage where further along the wall the shape of a door in deep shadow was looking like a means to escape from this imaginary cage.

Moving parallel to the wall, a flatter position and one I would not usually consider, this deep shadowed area now looked as though some one had blown a hole in the wall and escaped the cage, almost a cartoon drawing of a prison breakout.

I came away knowing that I had seen the shot and had captured it thus turning an otherwise high contrast day which would not reveal a good photo opportunity, or so I thought, into a successful day for me.

Do you see what I saw that day?? Of course it could just be that after years of peering through a view finder I have finally lost the plot.


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