I have used Tetenal Paranol S film developer for Ilford fp4+ quite often over the last few years. This high acutance developer is a compensating developer producing fine grain with a good latitude of exposure.

For 35mm film, following a pre-wash, I use this in Paterson tanks usually 2 films at a time at 1:25 with agitation 10secs in every 60s for a total of 11mins @20°c. This has produced fine grain in the past whilst breaking from the recommended agitation method which is actually more agitation then I use.

The print here is from a shot taken in the Lake District at the end of last summer where it can be seen there is significant grain in the clouded areas. The cattle shed and the paddock gate was the main accent of attention for the photograph which I wanted to portray the rugged feel of the area particularly the huge post stone to which the gate is hinged.

Ref44A 14002

I admit the day was quite typical of the Lakes in that it was overcast and showery which is not conducive to a good contrasty print but I was not happy with the highlight grain which is more evident in the print than can be seen here.

By using a compensating developer with less agitation than was recommended I had thought that the grain would not be so apparent. I have come to the conclusion that this grain could be connected to a slight underexposure at the time of taking but could also be attributed to too much agitation, although i cant really see that in this case, and even too long a development time, again no more than the recommended.

Over the coming weeks, I will be looking further into this issue and maybe changing my developer for similar exposure photos. Ilford ID11 is one such possibility following using the Paranol S with a change in agitation or time in the first instance.

I will post further investigation.


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