Today I found time to print a couple of contacts from the pinhole day negatives taken last Sunday…World Pinhole Day. We are extremely busy with schools and teams photos this time of the year which although is digital these days it still demands a lot of time in editing, printing, creating mounts with names then framing.

The first of the photos of the wicker man (willow man) which can be seen just after J23 M5 when traveling south into Somerset. This old fella is seeking crowd funding to secure restoration as the birds have pecked him to the point of near collapse. I thought it a worthy subject for a pinhole.


The second Pinhole photo was taken the other side of Bridgwater off J24 M5 at Moorland. this village was the subject of severe flooding a few years back where much of it was under water for weeks. The pinhole photo here was taken on the river Parrett defense wall constructed to contain the river when flood water drains off the levels at spring tide highs.


Both contact prints were developed in Ilford mg developer at 1:9 with exposures of 22s for the man and 8.6 seconds for the River on my LPL 7452 enlarger using Kentmere RC paper. Later I will be making a couple of prints using these pinhole negs on some warmtone FB paper.


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