Now that the Autumn is here its time to get back into the darkroom to develope the years films and get printing.

I have printed a couple of those shots taken with the Adox Silvermax film. This film has a couple of loications and some quite contrasty shots in bright sunlight. My intitial thoughts on this film is it seems to have a good latitude in that it seems to have coped well with contrasty shots and has a good scope of tones.

Farming 5007Farming 5008

These are farming scenes, part of a 2 year project of mine photographing not just the farming heritage locally but the computerised and mechanised farming now taking place. In these 2 photos the sky is not blown out despite one of them taken looking into the tractor cab nor is the arm and hand of the worker leaning on the mudguard as might have happened given the bright sunny day. I would have overexposed slightly and reduced the development time had I have been using a film I use all the time but, as said in the last post, this was the first use of this film and as such I metered and shot without any modification during developing and printing. There is also some detail in the shadows under this enormous tractor (I think the ones I had driven as a teenager would come up to the top of the tyre on this).

Over all I would use this film again at least given these conditions. The prints were developed in Ilford MG print developer and printed on Adox MCC 111 FB, the current version of the Agfa paper.



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