Last month on one of those fine sunny Autumn days I ventured out with the 5×4 to walk the beach and photograph a local landmark.

Burnham-On-Sea was the venue for this walk of around 1/2 mile lugging the camera bag, a box of lenses and a large tripod capable of carrying the weight of the MPP to the Lower lighthouse. I have photographed this many times before but this time I wanted to try out a couple of lens/filter combinations and capture the lighthouse reflected in the onshore puddle left by the receeding tide.

IMG_0784 Back in the darkroom I made some warmtone prints using an old Ilford formula developer taken from my old copy of the ‘Ilford Manual of photography’ circa 1962 as follows..

ID-78 Stock solution.

  • Pure water  @52°c                     750 ml
  • Sodium Sulphite (anhydrous) 50g
  • Hydroquinone                            12g
  • Sodium Carbonate (anhyd)      62g
  • Phenidone                                   0.5g
  • Potassium Bromide                   4.5g
  • Water to make                            1ltr

Working strength is 1:1 for developing in 1 minute @ 20°c or 1:3 for a 2 minute development.

I printed on both Ilford MG FB and Ilford  MG FB Warmtone paper from enlargements of the 5×4 negatives.


I also made a print or two using Lith development. For this I used Moersch lith chems and added old brown to the mix. developing times for the prints were between 5 and 7 minutes printing on both Foma 111 and 333 papers.



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